4 Common Black Cumin Seed Myths and Misconceptions Debunked


The Miracle Seed can do an awful lot to protect your body from various ailments. It helps you to combat the issues that can lead to cancer and helps with all manner of harmful maladies that make your life more difficult.

Even so, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that surround Black Seed Oil. These myths can lead to people making the wrong choice or, at worst, choosing to avoid Black Seed Oil altogether.

In this article, we aim to tackle some of these myths so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you order from us.

Myth #1 – All Black Seed Oil is the Same

You may think that you can buy Black Seed Oil from any supplier and get the same product.

That simply isn’t the case. In fact, no two suppliers Black Seed Oil products will ever be the same.

The key differentiator is the potency. Most people believe that it’s the Nigella Sativa itself imbues the oil with its healing properties. However, it really comes down to the amount of volatile oil that the product contains.

The key compound to look out for it Thymoquinone. You may get two 300ml bottles of Black Seed Oil. But it’s the one with the higher Thymoquinone that’s going to prove the most potent. Not knowing this means you could end up with an oil that requires you to take higher dosages just to achieve the same effects.

And that means more money out of your pocket.

So before rushing to buy, look for the volatile oils. The Black Seed Oil with the highest amount of Thymoquinone is the one you need to go for.

Myth #2 – It’s Only Available in Liquid Form

This is an easy myth to fall for. After all, the very name of Black Seed Oil suggests that it’s only available in liquid form.

However, you can find the oil in a variety of different forms, including capsules and raw seeds. You can even get it as a soap.

This is ideal for people who may avoid the oil due to its aroma or taste. Black Seed Oil has a slightly peppery taste that some people find a little too strong for their liking. Buying the oil in another form allows you to overcome this barrier and still benefit from the many benefits that the oil has to offer.

Myth #3 – It’s Only For One Condition

As we touched on in the intro, Black Seed Oil us useful for helping with a huge range of issues. The most well-known ones include cancer, blood pressure, and nutritional deficiencies.

However, it’s also helpful with an array of skin conditions and more minor ailments, such as colds and flu’s and even help with male and female fertility issues.

Myth #4 – It’s Not Safe

This one arises because some people don’t understand that Black Seed Oil is much like a medicine. You need to take it in the right doses to ensure it’s safe.

You shouldn’t experience any issues as long as you follow the instructions you receive with your Black Seed Oil product.

You must also choose a good supplier. Black Seed Oil can go rancid if it’s not extracted and processed properly. You need a supplier that you can trust to offer everything you need.

That’s where The Blessed Seed comes in. We provide extremely potent Black Seed Oil in a variety of formats. We also offer all of the information that you need to use it correctly. Visit our online store today to find out more.

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