Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds

TMQ: The "Active" Natural Compound

Thymoquinone, or TMQ, is the active natural chemical in Nigella seeds. Some studies are suggesting it can suppress certain breast cancer cell proliferation.


Nigella seeds have natural, bacterial-fighting properties that offer protection against some strains of bacteria including staph as well as certain common and hospital strains of pathogenic bacteria.

Inflammation Relief

Black seed oil (nigella seeds) is also used to relieve inflammation and improve the body's overall immune system. Nigella seeds do not contain steroids and are known to also be effective at reducing both pain and swelling, symptoms seen in rheumatoid arthritis.

Blood Sugar Control

Diabetes is the mother of all health problems, some say. There have been studies done that show diets that include nigella sativa were able to reduce fasting blood sugar and the damaging effects of insulin resistance.