The Minerals in Black Seed Oil

Minerals in Black Seed Oil

If you check all of the information on our website, you’ll see that Black Seed Oil contains several chemical compounds. These compounds are what lend the oil its potency and make it so effective for combating inflammation, dealing with oxidative stress, and helping you to regulate your blood sugar levels.

What you may not know is that Black Seed Oil contains several minerals that your body needs. These include the following:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Phosphorous

In this article, we’re going to take a slightly closer look at each of these minerals so that you understand why your body needs them and why Black Seed Oil could make such a useful addition to your daily routine.


Your body needs iron to keep your red blood cells in good shape. These are the cells that carry oxygen throughout your body, which makes them extremely important in terms of keeping your energy levels up and keeping all of your major organs healthy.

If you don’t have enough iron, your body can’t create enough red blood cells. This leads to several issues, the most damaging of which is anaemia. However, a lack of iron in your blood also compromises your immune system and can even affect brain function.


Zinc plays several crucial roles in keeping your body fit and healthy. It plays a big role in keeping your immune system active. However, your body also uses it to help it form proteins and your DNA.

Zinc also helps your wounds to heal faster. Plus, it likely has an effect on how you taste and smell things.

Zinc deficiency is especially damaging in children as it can lead to stunted growth and slow development. It’s also linked to causing impotence in men.


Copper works in tandem with iron to help your body create red blood cells. As a result, it shares many of the benefits that iron offers. Plus, copper deficiency can cause similar problems to iron deficiency.

Copper helps your body to absorb the iron you consume. Your body also uses this mineral to help it to form collagen. As a result, a lack of copper could lead to you exhibiting more signs of ageing due to your skin not being as supple as it should be.

A deficiency of this mineral can lead to heart conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.


Most people talk about calcium when discussing minerals that make your bones stronger. However, phosphorous plays an equally important role as it works alongside calcium in this respect.

Like the other minerals on this list, phosphorous plays a role in energy production. Plus, your body uses it to lend structure to your cells.

A lack of phosphorous can lead to fatigue and muscle weakness. If low phosphorous levels coincide with low calcium levels for an extended period of time, your bone strength tends to fall.

The Final Word

Each of these minerals plays a crucial role in keeping your body healthy.

Black Seed Oil contains all of them. Add it to your diet today to ensure your body doesn’t start to suffer from mineral deficiencies.

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