Giardiasis and Bee Propolis – Natural Treatment for Giardia Infection

Giardiasis and Bee Propolis

We’ve already spoken about the many qualities of Bee Propolis and how it can help with a wide variety of common medical ailments. Evidence shows that it can combat cancer, tackle bacteria, and even help you to maintain control over your blood pressure.

In this article, we’re going to dig a little deeper by taking a look at a very specific ailment that you may not have even heard of. Better yet, we’re going to show you why Bee Propolis may be the best option for tackling this ailment when compared to conventional medicines.

Giardiasis? What Is it?

Giardiasis may not have been a term that you’ve heard particular often. But it denotes a fairly common issue.

Namely – the tummy bug.

However, this is a little different to your regular type of tummy bug. Giardiasis only occurs in very specific circumstances. Worse yet, if left untreated in can last for weeks at a time.

The symptoms of the condition are familiar to anybody who’s found themselves making regular trips to the toilet due to a medical condition. They include:

  • Diarrhoea that has a particularly pungent odour.
  • Flatulence
  • Burping, with the burps themselves often having an eggy smell.
  • Cramps and pains in the stomach region.
  • Bloating
  • If left untreated, the condition can even lead to weight loss.

What Causes It?

You need to know how the condition occurs to ensure you don’t confuse the condition with the regular types of tummy bugs that tend to go away after a few days.

Common causes include the following:

  • Drinking the water in countries that don’t have specific treatment methods in place to clean their water. This typically happens if you drink water in developing countries, so travellers need to be careful. Sticking to bottled water generally helps you to avoid this problem.
  • Exposure to the faecal matter of somebody who already has the condition.
  • Swimming in unclean bodies of water, such as rivers, and lakes. Having said that, it’s also possible to catch Giardiasis from swimming in regular swimming pools, especially if they’re poorly maintained.
  • Eating food or touching work surfaces that have either been washed in untreated water or have been handled by somebody who already has the infection.
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with somebody who has the condition.

So take note if you’ve experienced tummy bug symptoms after engaging in any of these activities. You may actually have Giardiasis, which is a much more dangerous infection.

What Can Bee Propolis Do About It?

Doctors tend to use antibiotics to treat cases of Giardiasis. Usually, it clears up within a week. However, that may not be quick enough for you.

That’s where Bee Propolis comes in.

Early studies indicate that taking a solution that contains 30% Bee Propolis can help to clear up Giardiasis within five days. This is typically quicker than the standard antibiotics that doctor’s use to get rid of the condition.

Better yet, it’s a completely natural solution. Plus, you get all of the benefits that we’ve spoken about in previous articles.

All you need to do now is get your hands on some. That’s where The Blessed Seed can help. We offer Bee Propolis in our online shop, so check it out today if you fear you may have Giardiasis or if you want to protect your body against a range of other ailments.

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