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What is Black Cumin Seed?

Black seed oil seems like it’s the new kid on the block in the natural health industry. This may be the case for us in the Western World, but actually it has been used as a medicinal herb for 4000 years in the Middle and Far Eastern countries like Bangladesh. In fact, it was found stored inside Tutankhamen’s tomb and only items of huge importance were placed in tombs to be taken to the afterlife.

Plus black seed oil has even been recommended and praised by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, with him saying, “Hold on to the use of the black seed for indeed it has a remedy for every disease except death.”

In the natural health industry where I work as a naturopathic nutritionist, keeping up to date with the newest products launching in the natural health market is vital. Not only for me to be able to suggest the best items out there for my clients health to improve, but also for my health to stay in tip top shape at all times too. So, when I was recently sent some samples of black seed oil by The Blessed Seed having never tried it personally, I was really excited to review it.

Unique Features of Black Seed Oil by The Blessed Seed

Black seed oil has shown promising results in treating the following diseases:

black cumin seed for skin

  • Diabetes type 2
  • Cancer
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Viral infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Asthma
  • Obesity

The list above is also just the named diseases that the pharmaceutical companies have been granted a patent for.

Other diseases practitioners and nutritionists have been suggesting black seed oil is useful in helping are colon blockages, AIDS, hepatitis, candida, bruises, hair loss and lethargy as well as many more. Black seed oil can also be taken safely with other medications.

The only time black seed oil should not be taken is during pregnancy as it has been traditionally used as an abortive (although huge doses were administered). This is because it relaxes the cervix which is a positive use for relieving the pain in childbirth.

There are two volatile oils found in black seed oil that are of particular interest to me. One is nigellone because this offers both anti-spasmodic and bronchodilating properties which is what is believed to contribute to the black seed oils potency against respiratory ailments, and helps to act like an antihistamine reducing allergies in those that suffer with them. The second interesting volatile oil is named ‘thymoquinone’. Thymoquinone has been found to contain excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Now with inflammation being at the root cause of most modern day diseases – this simple oil could be a great preventative measure for those who do not wish to ever go onto develop these types of serious diseases.

black cumin seedAnother unique point is that The Blessed Seed have tried to ensure the end product you get is in the most freshest and potent form. How do they do this? By manually extracting and not chemically extracting the oil from the seed, this process is referred to as ‘virgin quality extraction’ which you may have also seen on other oils that are extracted in the same way such as some brands of olive oil.

To retain the nutritional and healing properties it is then stored immediately in a dark glass bottle which is how the customer goes on to buy it. Dark glass bottles have the advantage of stopping light getting into the bottle and damaging the oil. This is why The Blessed Seed also recommend you store their black seed oil in the fridge to stop the oil going rancid. Plus, with all the bottles being glass you won’t have any chemicals leach into the pure oil which happens with plastic containers.

One thing that also improves the overall rating I give a product and definitely makes it another unique feature is if it organically certified, as why go to the trouble of buying a supplement, food or drink that contains toxic pesticides? It defeats the whole point.

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The Blessed Seed have stated that their black seed oil is organically certified in Bangladesh. But unfortunately, and perhaps the only downside of this product is that they have not yet certified it in the UK due to the heavy price tag that comes along with going down this root.

How Does It Taste?

As The Blessed Seed have created 3 different strengths of black seed oil – mild, regular and sharp, they all can taste slightly different. Overall they have a unique kind of taste, but one you can get used too. They are all quite sharp and pungent on the tongue – but this quickly goes away especially if you follow it down with water, or mix it in with some freshly pressed organic apple juice. The main difference is the sharp pungent taste increases as you go up the scale of strength.

How Did It Make Me Feel?

I definitely felt more energized when I took the black seed oil and I took it for about 3 weeks in total. I was getting quite tired and stressed from an increase in my workload at the time I started taking it, and when I took the black seed oil I was left feeling at the end of the day less frazzled and burnt out, with enough energy to still be pleasant and cheery when my husband would get home from work. Bonus!

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I also had a cough just before starting to take the oil and I felt when I took the black seed oil, that it helped to break up the mucus in my throat which is a good thing as it helped get what was causing my cough, to come up and leave my system. This definitely contributed to me getting well quicker.

Danger and side effect in black seeds oil?

I had no negative black seed oil side effects, and I am a very sensitive person especially in the digestive region so I can really give an honest evaluation here. Plus no known side effects have been reported. But as with all products, if you try this and feel worse or develop new symptoms always discontinue use immediately.

Overall Thoughts on Black Seed Oil

original black cumin seed oilBlack seed oil from The Blessed Seed company is the real deal. Meaning, you won’t be wasting your money if you invest your hard earned cash in this product. I will also certainly be recommending it to personal clients of mine when I consult with them as their nutritionist, as well as friends and family.

Black seed oil from The Blessed Seed company have made this oil easy to pour with their special pouring caps that come with every bottle, and very easy to fit in with your current healthy diet and supplement regime – with only needing to take one teaspoon twice a day its easy peasy and not going to take up much of your time to start getting all the health benefits it claims. So why not take it for yourself and see if you notice any improvement – big or small – to your health and wellbeing.

Written by Amy Morris DNN mFNTP / Director of

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