Black Seed Oil and Female Fertility – Natural Ways to Boost It


Recently, we spoke about the various benefits that Black Seed Oil has when it comes to male fertility.

But what many don’t know is that the oil also has some benefits when it comes to female fertility and the reproductive system as a whole.

In this article, we’ll look at those benefits in greater detail to help you to decide if Black Seed Oil can help.

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Helping With Menstrual Issues

Every woman who can reproduce has a menstrual cycle. This cycle occurs throughout the month and determines when a woman is most ready to reproduce. It’s also responsible for the dispelling of an unfertilised egg from the uterus, ready for the next cycle.

Many women struggle with their menstrual cycles. Some experience large amounts of pain while going through menstruation. Others may deal with irregular blood flow patterns.

In both cases, Black Seed Oil can help. The oil helps you to keep your menstrual cycle under control, ensuring a more even blood flow. Moreover, this regulation can help you to determine when you’re at your most ready to reproduce.

Moreover, the healing properties of Black Seed Oil also help you to deal with any menstrual cramps or any spasms related to your menstrual cycle.

Eliminating Uterus Stones

A uterus stone is a hard mass that can form in your reproductive system. In some cases, you pass these small masses naturally, which means they cause minimal pain. In others, they can grow large enough to cause severe pain in your groin.

This usually becomes most prominent when you go to the toilet. That’s because uterus stones are actually stones in your urinary tract. Nevertheless, they can make sex extremely painful and may prevent you from engaging in the act.

Nigella Sativa Oil aka Black seed oil is a natural remedy that has been used for several centuries to break down uterus and urinary tract stones.

Take a mixture of the oil, some warm water, and honey twice per day, which can help your body to break the stone down. It will then pass naturally within about a month. You may feel some inflammation and pain for a short period after passing the stone. Happily, black seed oil can also help you to deal with that inflammation.

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Increasing Milk Flow

Black Seed Oil can also help after you’ve had your child. Many mothers experience a low breast milk flow, which means they have to resort to using formula milk. Happily, Black Seed Oil essentially allows your body to recharge and refill its milk supply. This means that you can continue to feed your baby naturally, without having to resort to any synthetic chemicals or formulas.

It’s recommended that you drink a glass of warm milk that contains a couple of drops of Black Seed Oil per day to ensure your milk supplies stay high.

The Final Word

While Black Seed Oil doesn’t have direct effects on female fertility, it can help you to resolve several issues related to your reproductive system.

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