Bee Propolis Benefits and Uses

Bee Propolis Benefits and Uses

Bees are remarkable creatures. And their work produces a range of remarkable products that have surprisingly beneficial effects on the human body. We’ve already spoken about the many benefits that Bee Pollen and Bee Honey can have.

Now, we want to take a closer look at propolis health benefits.

That’s something that a lot of people have never even heard of, let alone started using as part of their diet.

Let’s dig in for a closer look and learn more about what are the bee propolis benefits.

What is Bee Propolis?

Bee Propolis is essentially the glue that bee’s use to build their colonies. You know about all of those honeycomb formations that bees build. While bees use their wax to build those formations, they’ll use Propolis to seal any small cracks that appear in the hive. It’s essentially the sealant or bee glue of the bee world.

Bees use an array of natural substances, including plant materials, to make this Propolis. It also serves a secondary purpose. Because of its strength, the bees use Propolis to guard the hive against any unwanted intruders.

It’s a tough substance made using natural ingredients. There are an array of impressive propolis benefits for the human body.

6 Key Propolis Health Benefits

#1 – It Fights Against Cancer

We have plenty of evidence available that suggests that Propolis takes an active role in the fight against cancer. In fact, there are over 300 studies that highlight its beneficial effects.

The key here is that Propolis contains polyphenols, which are substances derived from plants that can actively reduce the size of tumors. Propolis is also an effective antioxidant that can slow the cancer cells growth. This means that the substance may be able to extend the amount of time that somebody who has cancer has to fight against the disease. Substance derived from bee propolis – called caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) – can stop the growth of early-stage prostate cancer. It has also shown good result controlling growth of colon cancer cell and on other cancerous cell in the human body

#2 – It Fights Against Bacteria

Propolis is also capable of warding off bacteria in various areas of the body.

A study from 1990 showed that it’s probably most effective in the mouth. The study examined the use of Propolis for root canal treatments. It found that Propolis can actively fight against many of the bacteria that forms in your mouth during such treatments. And consuming it every day can help to keep your mouth, and by extension – your teeth, feeling healthy.

But that’s not all. Its antimicrobial powers are such that Propolis is also a handy treatment to have ready if you get a cold or the flu.

#3 – It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

There’s an enzyme in the body called tyrosine hydroxylase (TH). When TH levels get too high, the enzyme prevents the body from producing as much nitric oxide as it needs to keep the heart healthy.

And that’s important because a lack of nitric oxide leads to your blood pressure going up.

Propolis is capable of reducing the levels of TH in the body, which opens the door for more nitric oxide production. That means lower blood pressure and a healthier heart.

#4 – It Slows the Spread of Herpes

When people hear the word herpes, they immediately cast their minds to unfortunate sexual implications. But the herpes simplex virus type (HSV) does much more than cause genital herpes. HSV is also the reason why you may develop cold sores around your mouth and in other areas.

It’s an extremely tricky virus too. HSV can stay dormant inside somebody’s body for many years before it finally makes itself known. This makes it very easy to pass on through any sort of contact, ranging from sexual intercourse through to kissing.

There are two varieties of the virus. And thankfully, Bee Propolis is capable of fighting against both.

A study conducted in the year 2000 found that Propolis is extremely active against HSV. It can speed up the healing process of the sores that HSV causes.

Unfortunately, Propolis can’t eradicate simplex virus entirely. Still, it’s useful for anybody who struggles with the symptoms of the virus like sore throats, canker sores and genital sores etc.

#5 – It Combats Candida

You may not have heard the word “Candida albicans” or simply put “Candida” before. However, it’s also known as something that’s familiar to a lot of people.

Candida is a yeast-like fungus that’s the main cause of most types of yeast infection. These infections caused can affect the intestines, mouth, and the vaginal tract. Usually, they’re nothing to worry about. However, those with weak immune systems can suffer from long-term damage as a result of allowing candida to spread.

Happily, Bee Propolis can help you to combat the spread of candida.

In fact, one of the recent studies found that it’s more active than any other type of bee product in combating the yeast. It also battles against other types of yeast too, which makes it useful in cases where candida isn’t the cause of the yeast infection.

#6 – It May Improve Female Fertility

Before getting into this, we need to add the caveat that researchers need to take a closer look at the effects of Propolis in this regard.

However, there’s some evidence to suggest that Bee Propolis can improve fertility in women who suffer from endometriosis. In fact, the study suggests that pregnancy rates triple in women who have fertility issues as a result of this condition when they take Propolis.

Side Effects of Propolis

There are no usual propolis side effects in oral consumption found yet. However, in some rare cases, it was found that people allergic to bee or bee product or pollen have an allergic reaction as skin rashes. So avoid using it if you are allergic to bee products.

If you have any doubts, always check first with your health care professional before using propolis.

The Final Word

Bee Propolis is loaded with natural nutrients that your body needs. But it also has a range of properties, ranging from anti-bacterial to yeast combating, they make it useful for people who struggle with an array of health conditions.

There’s no denying that adding Propolis to your daily regime leads to a healthier lifestyle. At The Blessed Seed, we offer powerful Bee Propolis capsules that provide all of the propolis health benefits we’ve spoken about.

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