Asthma and black seed oil


Benefits of black seed oil on Asthma

With the increased urbanization globally, the high amount of pollutants and allergens are being loaded into our surrounding environment and influencing the health of many people.

Globally almost 15 million people are suffering from asthma, a chronic, breath taking illness and at times fatal. There are a number of medications claiming their efficieny in the treatment of asthma.

However the western medicines have never ever given a full cure to the asthmatic patient. They can only offer a temporary relief from the symptoms. They fail to cure because they do not solve the root cause of the illness.

What causes asthma?

causes of asthma

Asthma is a breath taking disease occurring due to an over reaction of the respiratory system to the external environment.

Research suggests that most of the patients of asthma are allergic to some kind of environmental conditions like food, drinks, pollens, dust mites or other atmospheric factors.

This hyper-responsiveness of the respiratory system gives rise to intense spasm in the lungs and produces extra mucus which gives the patient symptom of breathlessness, shortness of breath, weakness etc. In medical language this occurs due to an altered or hyper-sensitive immune response.

This uncontrolled immune reaction at times become intense and can give rise to fatal complications of respiratory distress and respiratory failure.

The best effective treatment for Asthma

Almost half of the patients of asthma are children because children now have increased hypersensitivity to the atmosphere. To treat asthma very effectively this allergic reaction has to be stopped by minimising the exposure to the allergens.

asthma and blacks seed oil

But in this era it is quite impossible to avoid such allergens since the whole world is full of it. The best way to treat the asthma patient is to re-harmonise the hyper sensitive immune system so it can once again function normally.

Only then can asthma be cured permanently and completely without leaving any residual effects or symptoms. This is only possible by giving immune-modulator drug therapy to the patient and give real holistic healing.

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Black seed oil blesses the asthma patients

Black seed oil has been traditionally used for centuries for easing respiratory problems.

It was rediscovered in Germany in 1995 when the horse of a Doctor was cured of acute asthma from black seed. The Dr was so astounded that he applied black seed to one of his patients who was also cured.

Black seed can now be found in every chemist in Germany and Austria and is often prescribed for asthma.

For those who suffer from asthma or those who are close to a sufferer the search of some permanent solution of their suffering is paramount.

The solutions has been provided to many with Black seed oil. The main power of black seed oil lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important immune system which is our body’s defence against illness.

The black seed oil is composed of more than 100 micro elements which science has revealed work in synchronicity with each other to bring optimum health.

The black seed oil contains phytochemicals which produce the same results as modern synthetic anti-allergic drugs but black seed does not have the negative side affects.

The anti-inflammatory, anti- spasmodic effects of the black seed oil reduces the intensity of the asthma symptoms.

The compound nigellone has been researched and proven to dilate the broncho tubes giving great relief to asthma sufferers. Indeed many sufferes have no longer needed there inhalers after using the blessed seed. If they do the use has been greatly reduced.

Cure : Asthma and Black seed oil

black seed oil for asthma It is difficult to find fresh air to breathe in this time where we live in an over industrial world.

Yet asthma can be prevented naturally from black seed oil. The altered immune response in terms of hypersensitivity is the root cause of asthma.

Those who are at high risk of asthma should regularly take black seed oil to prevent asthma. The recommended dose is start on a low dose….1/2 tsp 1 x per day for 2-7 days then 1/2 tsp 2 x per day for 2 -7 days building it up to 3 tsp per day.

How fast to progress, and how high to take the dose depends on how the patient responds.

So utilising the ancient methods in our modernised era is very necessary to keep us and our families healthy. The step towards global health begins with black seed oil.

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