Anti-Aging Effects Of Black Seed Oil


Black seed oil is a very special herb which can be used for anti- aging intentions. The health benefits of black seed oil are vast, and in this article we will be looking specifically at Black seed oil for anti- aging and related health relieving areas. Longevity is something many people are waking up to nowadays and many ancient cultures were aware of the importance of consuming herbs for longevity and long term health. The ancient Chinese, for example, were using herbal remedies thousands of years ago. Ayurvedic medicine and traditions have also been knowledgeable as to the healing properties of herbs and plants, including black seeds.

The famous doctor of medicine Hippocrates introduced the saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This applies here in the topic of taking black seed oil for anti- aging. Black seed is a herbal remedy and supplement, yet it is also a food source. It binds to your cells and works on an inner level to affect the body in many wonderful ways.

Let’s look at the benefits of black seed oil for longevity in more detail.

Black Seed Oil and Longevity

It has been discovered that ancient egyptians were using black seeds. An article found in the Pharaoh Tutenkhamen’s tomb made direct reference to black seed (cumin), Nigella Sativa. Furthermore the Bible itself describes black seeds as “curative.” Perhaps we can learn something from these ancient cultures who often worked intrinsically with the earth and it’s natural powers and properties?

Modern science confirms the validity of using black seed oil for anti- aging. A study published on a respected research site also found that black cumin seeds had profound therapeutic potential. (Reference found below.)

Black seeds can contribute to weight management, which is a main link to longevity (anti- aging). The oil also boosts cardiovascular health, increases metabolism, and can aid in the breaking down of fats. These are all strongly tied into anti- aging and the body’s ability to heal.

Your Immune System

Black seed oil is great for the immune system. In addition to all the benefits described above, this special little seed can help significantly with inflammation- another major cause of oxidated stress and cellular aging.

When our bodies are balanced, the innate chemicals and cellular systems responsible for health and well- being ‘fine- tune’ the inflammatory process. This helps deal with cancerous or disease related threats, therefore incorporating black seed oil into your diet allows your body to be in a better state of balance and inner harmony. Inner tension is released and any potential harm can be dealt with before it viciously or destructively arises.

During the aging process, i.e. natural evolution and growing up- we all go through a process known as inflammaging. The results of this natural process are a loss of immune function; even if mild, and an increased development of immunosenescence. Luckily, being in the know about the healing properties of black seed oil can help combat this further leaving you feeling healthier, younger and with more energy. Your vitality is linked to your cells’ ability to combat stress, so the powerful effects black seeds have on your immune system is intrinsically connected to the positive results of anti- aging.

Holistic Health: Preventative and Anti- Aging Healthcare

Allergies, asthma, cancerous cells, diabetes, weight problems, arthritis and respiratory problems can all be overcome with black seed oil. It acts as a form of preventative health care, providing your internal systems with all they need in the form of essential chemicals and vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The great thing about black seed oil is that it can be applied topically in the form of skin care products and moisturizers. The oil is highly beneficial for skin repair whilst simultaneously reducing the effects of aging. Open pores, redness, scars, acne and other skin related problems can all be reduced, whilst the herbal remedy positively influences cellular structure and repair relating to anti- aging. The antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties mean that any external lotion can be combined with internal treatment (black seed oil herbal supplements, seed or remedies) for optimum effect.

Taking black seed oil for anti- aging helps with wrinkles, age spots, and skin tone and health. It acts a sort of ‘safe guard’ for reversing aging and the antioxidants boost skin tone naturally. They fight off free radicals (free radicals cause skin to become lifeless and lighter by stealing oxygen from skin cells to destroy it). Furthermore, this superherb blessed seed treats and heals many skin diseases, such as eczema and even cancer.

The black seed extract contains thymoquinone, an anti-skin cancer substance which prevents the topmost layer of skin from exposure and also controls the spreading of cancer to the inner skin cells and tissue.

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