Top 5 Black Seed Oil Brands


Comparing Top 5 Black Seed Oil Brands

The various health applications of Nigella sativa has been extensively researched by various institutions, with more benefits being added almost daily. Nigella sativa is also known as kalonji, black cumin, Roman coriander, and black caraway.

Most companies sell the oil, while many also have it in capsule form. A few, however, have gone further and incorporated it into beauty products. You could, however, add a little of the oil to your shampoo, for example, to help take care of any hair or scalp issues. In most countries where the oil has traditionally been used for health benefits, the seeds and oil also form part of their culinary experience.

The Blessed Seed Company

What makes The Blessed Seed Company unique is that, while sourcing the best quality organic seeds from such diverse countries as Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt, and India, the company also has their own farm dedicated to Nigella sativa seed production. The company also makes its own oil and do not outsource the process. Hard work and dedication spanning almost thirty years has seen the company come up with three oil strengths and a range of products incorporating the herb, including beauty and skincare products.

Their products’ volatile oil content can go up to 6.3%, while the industry norm is between 0.3% to 1,5% and is a 100% pure virgin quality cold-pressed black seed oil. Their products are guaranteed non-MGO, non-herbicide, and non-pesticide. In additions to this, their slow cold-pressed method of oil extraction produces a stronger volatile oil that has a more palatable taste.

Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil

This company produces two black seed oil products with their Nigella sativa seeds sourced from Turkey and Ethiopia. Both are cold-pressed from organically grown seeds with one product differences including color, taste, and content profile according to the region sourced.

Their oil is solvent-free with no additives or carrier oils added and contain no gluten or heavy metals.

Blue Lily Organics

Blue Lily Organics do not use any solvents, preservatives or dyes in their products which are made from quality non-GMO ingredients. They are organically certified by Agrior Ltd. The company also uses the cold-press method of oil extraction and carry both oil and capsules.

ZatiK Natural

Zatik Natural is a US-based company focused on producing high-quality natural extracts. All source material is sustainably sourced, organic, and of the highest quality. Their oils are crafted in smaller batches in order to ensure freshness and quality. According to the company, its ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, alcohol-free, Ph balanced, biodegradable, and certified organic.

Their black seed oil contains extract of rosemary leaves, glycerin, modified cornstarch, and purified water.

High Altitude Cosmeceuticals

High Altitude Cosmeceuticals is a US-based company that has been around since 2004. Their Nigella sativa seeds are sourced from Egypt. Their production process sees them using the best manufacturers, laboratories, herbalists, and distilleries from around the world.

The company’s black seed oil is cold compressed, has no chemical solvents, is organic, and advertised for immune system support. Their product is non-GMO.

Choosing Your Company

Picking the perfect brand for you is not something you should consider lightly. Nor should you focus on pricing. Very often, the pricier option may, in fact, be the better quality oil.

In addition to this, one should focus on a product that is non-MGO and has no additives or fillers, as these could compromise the product’s quality. After all, you are looking for all the benefits of Nigella sativa, so dilution could result in a lower quality product.

Different companies have different strength oils. Do check up on this before deciding. The higher the strength of the volatile oils present, the more active the product.

Another factor to consider is the extraction method. Do ensure no chemicals are used in this process and remember that the cold-pressed method tends to give a virgin product that is of a higher quality.

Lastly, do look for a company that has a long history and that sports a good reputation. These companies that have been around longer tend to have more insight and started out for the love of the product and not to make a quick buck.

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