Can Black Seed Oil Really Help Cancer Patients


There are few things more devastating in life than to receive a cancer diagnosis.

Life gets put on hold. You have something inside of your own body that’s eating away at you and, at times, you may feel helpless.

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed yourself, you likely know someone who has received a cancer diagnosis. Perhaps you have even provided support to that person to help them through this difficult time.

Anything that could make things a little easier or potentially lead to the condition being defeated is a good thing.

Black Seed Oil may be able to help those who have cancer in a variety of ways.

Before we dig into this, it’s important to note that you should not use Black Seed Oil as a replacement for the cancer therapies that your doctor recommends.

It is a supplement that can provide support and may help you to overcome the condition alongside other treatments.

Here’s how.

It All Comes Down to Thymoquinone

Thymoquinone is a chemical compound that’s found within Black Seed Oil. While it’s something of a mouthful to say, it’s also crucial to the oil’s ability to combat cancer.

According to various studies, Thymoquinone is able to modulate 9 out of the 10 major hallmarks of cancer. In fact, there are over 50 peer-reviewed papers on the subject of Black Seed Oil and its effects on various types of cancer.

Almost all of them say the same thing.

The oil can aid in the treatment or prevention of the disease. And it’s Thymoquinone that’s the active compound that most actively battles against cancer.

Influencing Apoptosis

Apoptosis is a complicated word that essentially means cell death.

When a cell undergoes apoptosis, it deteriorates to the point where it becomes useless to the body. At that point, it gets cycled out as a waste product and replaced with a new, healthier cell.

Why is this relevant to cancer patients?

Cancer is essentially a cellular disease. It’s the result of something going wrong in the way that your body produces cells. These damaged cells have a negative impact on the area where the cancer focuses. And over time, that cell damage expands to other areas of the body.

Traditional cancer treatments focus on killing these cancer cells to stop them from spreading and affecting other cells.

And that’s where Black Seed Oil comes in. Studies have shown that the oil can accelerate the apoptosis process in a variety of cancer cells. These include the cells generated by some of the most lethal forms of cancer, such as brain and breast cancer.

Right now, researchers are moving towards conducting human trials to confirm that the oil can kill cancer cells in the body as well as in a lab.

We’re optimistic as there’s a growing body of research that supports the effectiveness of the oil as a cancer treatment.

Even if you don’t have cancer, Black Seed Oil is still a good addition to your diet. Rely on it to provide protection from a host of different conditions.

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