Black Seed Oil for Pets (Especially Dogs!)


Black seed oil proves itself as one of the most powerful and effective herbal remedies for a number of ailments and health problems. But what about using black seed oil for pets?

The versatile ingredients in black seed oil ensure that both we humans and animals can feel better. You may already be aware that Egyptians used black seeds as did many cultures such as the Chinese, so looking to share and expand our knowledge and awareness of this small but powerful blessed seed to the animal kingdom may just be our next step.

One of the greatest things about black seed oil for pets is that there is no harm present. In other words, this herbal remedy is completely compatible with dogs!

Let’s explore some of the positive effects black seed oil can have on dogs.


Black seed oil contains prostaglandins which alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with many allergies. Allergies are not very rare nowadays what with all the flea bites and insects roaming free. The result of flea and other insect bites can include severe itching and also breathing problems. Fortunately, black seed oil has a number of unique properties to help with this problem.

Dogs can react to the release of histamines which are very common. The process is very similar to that of humans, so it is no wonder we should be looking for a herbal, safe and effective treatment for our canine companions. Black seed oil neutralizes the histamines and allergies, allowing for a swift recovery. Pain can be relieved, inflammation lessened, and the immune system strengthened.

In terms of the prostaglandins already mentioned, there is a balancing and harmonizing effect.

Inflammation, Arthritis and Rheumatism

Believe it or not it is not just we humans who can benefit from the effects of black seed oil for viral illnesses. The healing effects of anti- inflammation and related positive benefits (anti- viral, anti- fungal, anti- microbial etc.) also intrinsically effect dogs. The oil relieves pain and calms inflammation, also strengthening the immune system and sparking the dog’s own healing mechanisms.

Degeneration is combated and any arthritis related problems are reversed.

Epilepsy and Immune Boost

Even epilepsy can be helped with black seed oil. This is due to the active chemical compound thymoquinone. Administering black seed oil internally through a feed can reduce seizures. Regarding being an immune booster, the amount of potential ailments and health problems black seed oil could cure, or at least act as preventative healthcare for, are endless. The powerful effect of this special seed on the immune system cannot go unnoticed.

Eczema and Respiratory Problems

Eczema and a range of other skin conditions can be soothed and healed with black seed oil. the key to remember is that black seed has a very balancing, harmonizing and alleviating effect. Pain, inflammation and internal imbalances can all be healed and the body’s systems can all be restored to prime and optimum health. Just like with the link allergies has to breathing problems, respiratory problems in dogs are allowed to be relieved when black seed oil is given internally.

Abrasions can be healed and harmful bacteria inhibited.

Ticks and Grooming!

One of the main issues for dogs is ticks, so how wonderful that black seed oil for pets is a real thing. Furthermore, this seed oil can be used as a form of beauty care. The coats of dogs can be groomed and just like the brilliant effects black seed oil has for us when applied topically, a dog’s ‘skin’ can shine.

A Deeper Look at Black Seed Oil’s Ingredients

It is good to be aware of the exact chemical constitution of black seed oil before considering giving it to your pets.

  • Thymoquinone. This is the part that helps alleviate or completely remove allergic symptoms. It can also increase and strengthen the immune system, lower blood sugar levels and act as a general health boost.
  • Terpene. These compounds help with respiratory problems.
  • Saponin melanthin. This compound helps with the respiratory tract, reduces inflammation and can help with a number of flu or bronchitis related ailments.
  • Amino acids, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. The protein and amino acids contained in black seed oil are very important for the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. They aid the metabolic processes in the body and improve muscle growth, aid in stress relief, aids in cell protection and renewal, and boosts the immune system.
  • Vitamins and minerals, including provitamin A, Biotin: good for skin, hair and cells; Vitamin B family (folic acid, B1 to B69)- controls nervous and brain functions, blood formation and cell metabolism. Vitamin C- an antioxidant which helps in the absorption of vitamin E through the diet, Vitamin E which regulates blood clotting; Magnesium- stabilizes energy metabolism, nerve and muscle function; and Selenium, a detoxifier.

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